Blue Mountain Longhorns

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Blue Lollypop

photo 7/27/19

Blue Lollypop.   Heifer.  dob 7/30/16.  $7500
Lee x Blue Cassie.  Sire was 81"ttt @ 35 months.....Lee measures over 107" total horn with 7" broken off.    Dam was over 75"ttt last fall.  Double Fiesty Fanny, double Overhead,  double Overlyn, Grand Slam, Unlimited, and Golden Counter on top with Premium,  Roundup, Zhivago, and Phenomenon on bottom.  34.5"ttt @ 12 months and horns are rolling out already....... 46"ttt on 1/22/18.  49.25"ttt on 3/18/18.  57"ttt @ 23.3 months.  60"ttt @ 25 months.  66"ttt on 4/21/19.       



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