Blue Mountain Longhorns

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photo 9/3/18

Duke.  dob 12/17/17. 
Lee x Pretty Girl.  29.5"ttt @ 8.5 months.  Really nice young bull with fantastic pedigree, great size, and great horn for his age.  Very gentle and really for a new home.  $2000.   


photo 9/2/18

Jake.  dob 2/12/18.  $2000
Drago x Ava.  Drag Iron and double bred Jamakism on top with Lee, Grand Slam, Phenomenon, double Fiesty Fannie, double Overlyn, double Overhead on bottom.  Dam is over 70"ttt @ 36 months and headed for 90"ttt.  This bull calf is really big with great horn for his age..............and brindle to boot.   

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